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If screening indicates that a patient may have TB, the cough officer collects sputum samples and sends them to lab for testing while the patient is fast-tracked through the other services she has scheduled in the clinic. If the tests confirm a positive TB case, the cough officer escorts the patient to the TB clinic to start treatment right away.

New Program Aims To Help Opioid-Addicted Expectant Mothers With One-Stop Care

This information helps with national disease surveillance, and also enables contact tracing and follow-up. Since few patients are able to bring their contacts to the clinic for screening, due to travel costs or competing priorities, ICAP works with community-based partners to provide supportive home visits for contact screening and referral to local health facilities. Thanks to the concerted efforts and commitment of staff across the four facilities, this project is poised to have a lasting impact on TB prevention and treatment in Eswatini.

Having demonstrated that integration of TB services into RMNCH care is both feasible and worth the extra effort, all four facilities have adopted the new TB procedures as part of routine care for all patients.

OECD Better Life Index

Looking ahead, health care workers will continue to use the adapted TB screening tools and registers to improve case finding and patient management, and advocate for improvements to the national health information system to integrate TB data that can help save lives. A global health leader since , ICAP was founded at Columbia University with one overarching goal: to improve the health of families and communities.

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Together with its partners—ministries of health, large multilaterals, health care providers, and patients—ICAP strives for a world where health is available to all. You can change your ad preferences anytime.

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