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Then, just when I was expecting information on the flight departure to the intermediate stop in Fiji, I heard the announcement that flight FJ from Apia, Samoa to Nadi, Fiji was canceled. This was very unpleasant news to say the least! During the preparation of my DXpeditions, I always prepare for any problems. I usually have solutions for them, but in this case I was unpleasantly surprised and could do nothing.

They were to arrive at Nadi Airport at local time on October I would await for them in the passenger arrival area, and then we would travel together in the early afternoon to Port Vila, Vanuatu. Now, everything was messed up … the meeting as planned was not possible! After an initial confusion among the passengers of the canceled flight, things started to work out — some of the passengers sought to rebook new round-trip flights.

Others like me were informed that the next flight to Nadi, Fiji would depart the next day at local time. Ebooks and Manuals

So, that evening on the 14 th I stayed at the Sheraton Hotel in Apia. They traveled with extra luggage, which included two vertical antennas from m and a low frequency receiving antenna donated by Array Solutions. I asked them to activate the bands immediately on their arrival at the motel in Vanuatu. I told them that I would join them as soon as possible once I confirmed the flight from Fiji to Vanuatu. The masts and antenna equipment for the and 80 meter bands were part of my extra baggage.

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Those bands would be activated later. It turned out that the flight will be at on October 17, the day after tomorrow.

Kudos to Lubo and Karel on their success! That really settled my nerves. The next day, October 16, I tried to rest after the exhausting 5W0GC activity and the psychological stress caused by the canceled flight. The time had passed slowly over the two day delay, knowing all the while that I needed to be in Vanuatu. Ebooks and Manuals

When I arrived at the motel, we immediately began preparing for the raising the two vertical antennas for m and 80m. It took three hours to get both antennas in place. That evening YJ0GC was on both 80 and meters simultaneously with two transmitters. We used the receiving antenna on meters. We also had 3 operator positions, each one complete with a separate linear amplifier. Unfortunately, we could not use these resources to full potential due to the proximity of the antennas to each other. However, we did manage to work with two radios simultaneously during all of the activity.

The third operating position was not used efficiently! In addition, to work efficiently on m we had to halt the other stations because of interference. Many contacts were made on the low bands — , 80 and 40 meters, so that the mission of the DXpedition with a focus on low bands was fulfilled. Because our vertical antennas for m and 80m were just outside of the motel, there were attacks on them! Several times we detected some of the radials and parts of the guy ropes for the verticals went missing. Apparently, some of the local residents caused us problems. Fortunately, I had packed spare radials and ropes, so these attacks did not significantly affect the YJ0GC activity.

This was easily felt in Port Vila, Vanuatu at local time on October It was a strong horizontal quake lasting about 5 to 6 seconds. I had the feeling that the table on which the equipment was installed was moving. Despite the quake we continued our activity on the air non-stop!

His work assignment did not allow him to stay until the end of the DXpedition. Our journey back to Europe went as planned without cancellation of any flights nor problems with customs. We stayed at a local hotel, chatting away the night with Antoine, 3D2AG as we talked about all things amateur radio. I thank Aves Kang for his help and, of course, his hospitality. At the end of this article, I want to express my gratitude for the support we have received from many radio amateur foundations, associations and clubs:.

Actually, there are very strict custom rules in Iran, but Mohammad made a really good and outstanding job before our arrival and we passed the custom without any troubles. The distance from Tehran to Shif island more than one thousand km. We rented a big van with the driver and a second car to use it on the island to go for a food to Buhehr and any other emergency reasons. The road trip across the country from the north to the Persian Gulf lasted for more than 15 hours and was really interesting and exotic.

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The Commission must refrain, under data protection rules, from giving details about the situation of individual staff members. However, in general terms and in the interest of the person concerned, the Commission can state that the inquiry referred to was closed without follow-up and that the official concerned has been informed of this.

After negotiations on the conclusion of a free trade agreement between the European Union and Mercosur were interrupted in , talks were re-launched in by the Spanish Presidency. Although the European Union has been calling for the completion of negotiations with the Mercosur region, no agreement has yet been reached; moreover, protectionist tendencies are currently on the increase, particularly in Brazil and Argentina.

Not only are there restrictions in maritime transport, export of raw-materials, reinsurance service measures and the new Brazilian tax system, but general import barriers are also on the increase. Will the Commission also clarify the probable effects of the raising of such trade barriers on the establishment of the Association Agreement and present its view on the current exclusion of Paraguay and the impact this has on the negotiations?

Since the resumption of the negotiations of the EU-Mercosur Association Agreement in , negotiations of the political and cooperation chapters have greatly progressed and only a few articles still remain open for discussion. Negotiations of the trade chapter have focused on disciplines in the different areas rather than market access concessions. The mutual EU and Mercosur commitment to exchange market access offers not later than the last quarter of is encouraging. Despite our concerns on the protectionist measures adopted in the region, it is expected that Mercosur will respect this commitment.

Officials on both sides are engaged in the preparatory work necessary for that exchange of market access offers to materialise. Indeed, the conclusion of the EU-Mercosur Association Agreement would be of great political and economic benefit to both sides. Furthermore, the Association Agreement would provide with more precise disciplines and tools to address barriers to trade and investment in Mercosur countries in the future, including specific committees and dispute settlement provisions.

The popularity of low-cost airlines has increased greatly in the last few years.

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Especially in the case of short-haul flights between European cities, those airlines provide passengers with cheap flights and therefore promote the mobility of people in the European single market. However, consumers still face obstacles related to the matching of the fares advertised with what the passenger actually pays. Although the Commission has already considered this issue, low-cost airlines continue to try to attract customers at all costs. It is only in the course of the booking process that further costs, such as administrative fees or surcharges, appear and are added to the upfront ticket price.

Consumers have to click their way through lists of possible optional charge in order to obtain information on possible additional costs such as baggage fees. However, is the Commission aware of the fact that this remains a form of misleading the consumer and therefore undermines consumer wellbeing in this area of the single European market?

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Could the Commission please additionally state whether it intends to adopt further measures or take any steps to ensure the accuracy of upfront ticket prices? However, it also stipulates among others that the final price should be indicated in a transparent and non-discriminatory way at the beginning and during the booking process.

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Optional price supplements shall be indicated in clear, transparent and unambiguous at the start of any booking process. Member States have the primary responsibility to enforce these rules, under the control of the Commission. It found that the Air Services Regulation was fit for purpose, but that better enforcement of price transparency rules was necessary. He has stressed the need for better cooperation between enforcement authorities to ensure that price transparency rules are respected. Commission services are currently assessing together with Member States how to improve the situation in practice.

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Deze lijst zal aan de hand van de in deze richtlijn vastgestelde criteria worden gebruikt bij de kosteloze toewijzing van emissierechten voor de periode Wel zal de Commissie nagaan welke parameters kunnen worden aangepast om beter rekening te houden met recente gegevens. Deze beoordeling wordt momenteel voorbereid. Het is in dit stadium echter nog te vroeg om de precieze cijfers te geven die bij de beoordeling zullen worden gebruikt.

Er zal een effectbeoordeling plaatsvinden en als onderdeel daarvan kunnen belanghebbenden gedurende drie maanden in een onlineraadpleging hun mening geven over deze en andere kwesties. Het nieuwe besluit met een lijst van bedrijfstakken waarvan wordt vastgesteld dat het weglekeffect een significante risicofactor vormt, zal op tijd voor de toewijzing van in werking treden en naar verwachting dus in formeel worden goedgekeurd.

The criteria to determine the carbon leakage list laid down in the ETS Directive remain unchanged compared to the existing list, but the Commission will consider which parameters might be adjusted to better take into account recent data. The preparatory work for this assessment is ongoing. However, it is premature at this stage to confirm any exact numbers that will be used in the course of the assessment. An impact assessment will be made, and in this context a three-month online consultation will allow stakeholders to provide views on this and other issues.

The new decision containing a list of sectors deemed to be exposed to a significant risk of carbon leakage will be in place in time for allocation, and is therefore intended to be formally adopted during This is a more sensible approach, giving these economies more room to recover. Ireland must bring about control of its public finances, but the current path of sharp reductions at the same time as other EU budget consolidation is dragging back economic growth and hurting the labour market needlessly.

Given the already huge efforts and sacrifices made to correct the Irish budget, and the massive pressure being placed on the citizens of Ireland, why were the deficit reduction targets for Ireland not also reduced? Did the Irish Government request any relaxing of those targets?