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Zwischendurch sieht man nicht viel. Wie wollen wir leben in dieser durchindustrialisierten Welt mit all den Artefakten, die uns zur Natur geworden sind. Weil es eben keine Grenzen gibt zwischen den von Menschen geschaffen Dingen und dem Rest. Aber wer will das schon trennen? Les spectateurs sont assis le long des murs.

On Thursday evening, she will also present her new production, titled Celestial Sorrow , in the Kaaitheater in Brussels. Her most recent work was created for Europalia Indonesia. She was introduced to the Indonesian artist Jompet Kuswidananto, who created an installation for Grand-Hornu. Together, they worked in Yogyakarta around a common theme: how can the past and its ghosts be expressed by bodies, music and light? The Indonesian artist focused on the painful memory of the long Suharto dictatorship, which was overturned by the student movement in , and the horrifying massacre of millions of communists in — The result is compelling and very impressive.

The spectators are seated along the walls. More than 1, light bulbs hang from the ceiling, forming a starry sky, which at times casts a harsh light on the stage. The Japanese DJ Mieko Suzuki stands behind her turntable on stage, playing obsessive lounge-style music. Three dancers, singers and performers create overwhelming and at times even bizarre ambiences.

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The choreography opens with a long, shamanistic meditation, with cries, various sounds, a golden cloak, followed by a mad, rave-like trance, like a rite of spring on ecstasy. Sorrow, the candour of the images of our youth, mysterious Indonesian figures and the heightened kitsch of a saccharine-sweet song from Java all follow.

The sounds formed by plenty of different noises and breathing, the costumes by Jean-Paul Lespagnard including a cloak with fairy lights and the lighting design are especially well done. What you see on stage is all inspired by the situation in Indonesia. The light that flickers on the trucks, the clashing noises. These are all ways of reminding you that the dark Suharto years are really behind us. And the sorrow of the sad songs refers to the fact that this music was banned under the dictatorship.

While the choreography is dark and experimental at times, the audience is swept away on several occasions, by the extraordinary talent of the performers and the vocal acrobatics from Berlin Jule Flierl and Claire Vivianne Sobottke. Notre regard est toujours saisi par autre chose. In it they celebrate the beauty of turmoil and of contradictions which meet but never mix, like two immiscible liquids. Spectators should probably rely on their experience to interpret Celestial Sorrow , a collaboration between Meg Stuart and Jompet Kuswidananto.

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But to do this, you need a basic principle: you need to trust the singularity of your emotions and their value rather than ignore them. Often a guttural sound or a gesture pops up where it is least expected, like memories, feelings or traumas that surge to the surface. Our gaze is always captured by something else. Hence the unresolved turmoil the spectator experiences, when confronted with an individual who wants to express everything at the same time, or that evaporates to make way for a multitude of almost imperceptible small movements.

The turmoil in itself is not fascinating but the pleasure that it provokes, linked to excessive emotions, even to a contradiction. So why do some images make more of an impression on us than others? Those in which the eroticised bodies seem glued to each other only to break away. Those in which the performer, arms raised as if connected with the whole of the universe, undulates in a trance.

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Whether you like it or not, there is something beautiful about this darkness. The mystery will remain unresolved, until blindness sets in perhaps. Something inexorably breaks free, rising out above the meeting of these contradictions. Oddly enough it is both one and the other: Meg Stuart and Jompet Kuswidananto, Indonesia and the West, darkness and light, consciousness and the unconscious, nature and art, humanity and the universe. In Celestial Sorrow , the choreography is inspired by an endless quest. It shocks because of the combination of profound and scandalous deterritorialisation, with a heightened transcendence of identities with queer nuances and a community in celebration, that has created a scary form of experimentation, which, however, is never dissociated from the specific realities.

The history of Indonesia is suddenly referenced, in a song called Hanti yang luka by Betharia Sonata, in the detail of a minor almost operatic form the parade of a miniature truck. Under the dictatorship there was no place for sadness or pain. By performing it as part of Celestial Sorrow , we have given this song a place to exist, to be free. In Celestial Sorrow magnetism appears in its most poetic form: in the last scene, a few furtive gestures by a peacock-man makes us forget everything that happened, marking a return to order, before the confusion begins again perhaps.

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When the lights of Celestial Sorrow are switched on again, in all their harshness, all you can say is: this is exactly what I wanted to see on stage, a work like no other. Celestial Sorrow by Meg Stuart and Jompet Kuswidananto is all about the aura of a gesture that connects man with the universe, and finally with himself, in a multitude of ways.

The skies completely darken here by pm. Dancers learn much about each other by moving together; an intimate conversation built of trust and shared experiences that form our homes on the road and in the studio. Our bodies become containers of memories that have settled into our bones. I can still feel the reverberations of a quartet created with Meg, Jennifer Lacey, Susan Blankensop and me; exacting hours of recalled improvisation to acquire minutes of set material.

We were all weaving our lives together in and out of downtown studios, and trying to make ends meet. Fellow striving artists were creating magic in the lofts of Soho, long before it transformed into a high-end shopping mall.

We formed our chosen family during a time that became marked by the AIDS epidemic. Too many loved ones left us far too soon. The grief gave us a determination to keep creating, to keep moving, to keep working for long hours into the night. Nothing would stop those of us left behind. Meg would soon catapult from fellow NYC dancer to a renowned European creator. Titled Disfigure Study , it was a quiet, dark, somber and deeply moving hour-long trio that immediately created a stark contrast to the highly theatrical and hyper physical dance that informed most of the European dance scene at the time.

Indeed, Disfigure Study truly disfigured expectations of what a New York based dancer trained in the traditions of release technique and contact improvisation was supposed to present to an European audience in The piece was minimalist without being formal or abstract; profoundly affective without being theatrical or expressive; deeply technical without relying on one identifiable technique; highly visual, and yet, mostly taking place in shadows, penumbra, and darkness.

Where one would expect integral bodies and fluid movement, Stuart offered a stark sense of post-AIDS melancholia, turning dancing bodies into incoherent and yet very consistent collections of partial body parts. It was remarkable in those days to get such support to spend time in the studio, and then to present in Europe, hurrah!

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Watching the last rehearsals, I knew she had created something special; a new and distinctive voice that spoke to how we were all recovering, adapting and moving on. She had discovered the seeds for what would blossom over the next years. I remember trying to encourage her to trust when her work was ready to be seen, but she had so many doubts at the start. The pressure was great. Affects-as-imaginations exuding from the trembling body, or erupting through the animal quality of a very human howl, are what allow Stuart to consistently and logically move her dance and dancers across the most disparate disciplines, spaces, bodies, in delirious images and through lysergic sounds.

AG : From then our journeys led us into different directions that would cross from time to time. We would see each other in Europe, in New York, in class, in performance, in improvisations, and I loved to see her explorations in both big productions and in intimate settings. Each of us would grow into roles as creators, teachers, leaders, curators, and writers, and still we are always asking questions and pushing through doubts. I have continued to find her work to be profoundly moving, with haunting visual, sonic and physical images that linger in memory long after viewing.

Her book Are we here yet? Compositionally, her pieces gain consistency by the ways Stuart meticulously saturates the scenic space with highly affective forces that she draws from her dancers-collaborators. Dramaturgically, every scene links to the next by relentlessly affirming the constitutive ambiguity inherent to every single situation in our lives.

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If there is any violence, it is always under the project of highlighting a deeply touching understanding of the ultimate fragility of living. My path led me to become the dean of the Tisch School of the Arts where as a student Meg first began to choreograph so many years ago. Who would have imagined that in those early days? Passing back through the heart, our next memories will refigure my bones.